Trendy Tableware & Tablescapes for Weddings: Get Inspired with These Artistic Ideas


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Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to discover the artist within and create unforgettable decor for your guests. For those who are looking for some tablescape inspiration, we’ve included our top ideas for dinnerware and settings to get your creative juices flowing.

Find Inspiration from the Season


When choosing a color scheme for your decor and tableware, consider taking inspiration from the season. Spring and summer events will invariably feature colorful flowers and leafy boughs, along with vivid, lively colors and pitchers of refreshing fruit drinks.


Fall gatherings can look absolutely magnificent with rich browns, reds, oranges, and yellows. Get creative with some leaves, pine cones, pumpkins, and nuts for a decorative centerpiece. You can also place some strategic wooden accents along the table, laden with smoked cheeses and meats. Dot a row of flickering candles down this harvest-inspired table setting for a warm, inviting atmosphere.


For a chic and elegant reception during the colder months, consider these classy color schemes for a winter wedding and line your tablescapes with fairy lights. A self-serve hot chocolate bar will be sure to keep your guests warm and toasty while they celebrate with you on your special day.


Elevate Your Theme with Hand-Printed Linen


Once you’ve chosen a color theme, consider laying your tables with bright and cheery hand block printed table linen. These artistic prints make your setting unique and colorful.


Choose from a selection of vibrant fruit prints to go with a spring theme or flowers in subdued tones for fall and winter. Couples taking their vows by the beach can take advantage of coastal-themed prints—including palm trees, fish, and lobster designs. By purchasing something handmade, you know you are investing in ethical, quality craftsmanship.


Add Some Earthy Accents


Now to the tableware. For a wedding, you’ll want the plates, cutlery, and serving dishes to be elegant and minimalist while fitting within your budget. It’s also a plus if your settings can be biodegradable or reusable to make your celebration an eco-friendly event.


Elegant One-Use Plates and Cutlery


To give your tablescape a refined but earthy feel, consider using disposable, eco-friendly plates and cutlery. These innovative, chic plates and utensils are made from bamboo, wood, sugarcane, and palm leaf, and are 100% biodegradable. That means that you can throw them in the trash or in the compost afterward and save on washing up!


Classy Second-Hand Antiques


If you prefer washable tableware or serving trays, you can add a touch of class with upcycled antique platters from your grandmother’s kitchen cabinet or second-hand antique fairs around town. Each table can feature a tray or china tea set, giving it a unique character and feel.


Before the day even arrives, you can save on paper by using green alternatives to RSVP cards. These handy services compile your guest list while leaving our forests intact.


Create a Tablescape that Gives Back


After the night is over, what can you do with all your decorations? There are a number of options for reducing waste and passing the joy forward with your trendy settings:


  1. Have your guests take your centerpieces home by giving small potted plants as wedding favors.

  2. Give a donation to a charity of your choice on behalf of your guests. This can solve the problem of what to give as a take-home gift and prevents these from being left behind.

  3. Donate your table decorations to a local charity or goodwill store so they can be enjoyed again by someone else!


For more ideas on how to incorporate a spirit of generosity into your happy day, check out this blog on Weddings that Give Back.


There are so many possibilities for a tablescape that’s trendy and unique. Enjoy the design process and remember that your wedding day is the beginning of a new adventure!


Author Bio: Katie Tejada is a writer, editor and a fan of the eco-friendly. She is a former HR professional who, in addition to writing about the latest developments in business communication, recruiting, and CRM solutions, covers trends in event planning and weddings.    

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