Weddings that Give Back

Your wedding can be an amazing platform for you to give a little goodness back into the world. Whether it's choosing to ask for donations to your favorite organization instead of a registry or it's taking the extra step to write personalized notes to your guests that they open at their seats,bringing the spirit of generosity to your wedding will make it that much sweeter!

Charitable Giving

In lieu of a registry, invite your guests to donate to a charity that is important to you. has an awesome platform where you can create a fundraiser for the charity of your choosing. As a couple you can also choose to make a donation on behalf of your guests instead of a party favor.

Here are a few local San Diego charities that we love:

Father Joe’s Villages

Second Chance

Camp Fire

Donate the "Stuff"

We often get asked the question, “What do I do with all this stuff once the wedding is over?” in reference to leftovers, décor, extra favors, flowers, etc. Our answer is donate it! Research if there is a food bank in your community that can use extra food or cake. Goodwill or the Salvation Army can take those 10,000 mason jars that you’ll never use again. One bride’s flower vases are…another bride’s flower vases!

One of the loveliest ways to share the beauty of your big day is to donate your centerpieces to hospitals or retirement communities. The Forget Me Not Foundation of San Diego is a wonderful organization that can help you do this!

Express Your Gratitude

It can sometimes be difficult the night of your wedding to hug every person and thank them for celebrating with you. Wedding receptions are jam packed with pictures, hugs, kisses, bouquet tosses, cake, etc. Your guests know this, but it doesn't hurt to wow them a little with a thoughtful gesture that reminds them how much they mean to you. 

One way to tug at your guests' heart strings is to use letters as escort cards. Address envelopes to each guest with their name and table number. Inside the envelope share a memory that the two of you share or just personally thank them for traveling across the country to share in your big day!

If your guest count is 300 people and the thought of writing that many notes is too daunting, write a thank you note together as a couple to have at each place setting. Your guests will feel the love no matter what you decide!

Don't Forget About Mother Nature

We love when couples are conscientious of the environment and incorporate efforts to give a little love back to the planet into their big day

A recent couple that we worked with chose to give trees to their parents as thank you gifts. Not only were the trees planted as a reminder of the beautiful day, but their value goes beyond that of just a thoughtful gift!

Photo Credit:   Josh Gruetzmacher

Photo Credit: Josh Gruetzmacher

Christine Ong