How to Make Your Wedding Getaway Car Look Gorgeous

You may have hired a fancy ride for your getaway at the end of the night, but did you consider how the look of it it might fit in with the rest of your wedding?

The outside of the wedding car might be the last that your guests see of you that evening, so you want it to make a lovely impression. The Zebra has a number of thoughts on how to adorn the getaway car to keep it consistent with the rest of the gorgeous event.

A car dripping with the same floral pattern as the bride’s bouquet is a nice touch, and giving the “just married” signage duties to the same calligrapher that made your place cards is a solid idea as well. If you have this done well, it makes a nice keepsake too.

Ribbons can be arranged just so as to accentuate the lines of any car to make it feel like a continuation of your wedding, instead of an abrupt end.

You want to make sure you make the perfect final exit as you speed off. Take a look at the infographic below for more ideas.  

Christine Ong