Winter Inspired Wedding Favors

With winter season upon us, the great people over at Forever Wedding Favors put together a fantastic list of winter-themed favors for your wedding guests that will be sure to bring a little warmth into their lives.

When you get married, you are doing two things. One, you are forming a lifetime bond with your partner, and two, you’re throwing an awesome party for you and all of the closest people in your lives. Having a wedding that will leave an impression in your guests is very important. One sure fire way to keep them reminiscing on your special day is the wedding favors you send them home with. That being said, we understand how there are plenty of other things you should probably be focusing your attention on.


Weddings and ceremonies are supposed to be a time of happiness and celebration where everyone is having fun, people are coming together, and where laughter and smiles should be seen and heard at every corner. So why are they so stressful and chaotic to put together? We want to make this as joyful and pleasant of an experience as possible, so we saved you the trouble and put together our thoughts on 9 Winter Wedding Favors for all of you snow bunnies planning on tying the knot this upcoming season.

Pressed Flowers.png

Framed Pressed Flowers

Not only are flowers a symbol for beauty and life, but they are also a symbol for growth and unity. Give your guests a reminder of the true and honest reason why you all got together. To watch the union of two soulmates pronounce their bond for each other through better or worse. These Framed Pressed Flowers are a unique and tasteful way to give your guests flowers that will last and not die through the winter seasons.


hot chocolate.png

Hot Chocolate Mix

You don’t need anyone to tell you that there isn’t anything better than a nice warm cup of Hot Chocolate on a cold snowy afternoon. Send your guests home with these cute and quaint Hot Chocolate Mason Jar Mixes, that will have your guests wrapped up in a warm blanket by the fire with their favorite slippers on drinking their new favorite hot chocolate.


DIY Soup.png

DIY Soup Kits

Okay so, there might not be anything that beats a cup of hot chocolate on a snowy afternoon, but a nice hearty bowl of soup sure does come close. Send your guests home with these easy to make Soup Kits to help brave the upcoming cold winter days.



Snow Crystal Mini Chocolate

Your guests will love these cute petite Mini Chocolate Bars. Have them remember how sweet your wedding and ceremony was with the sweetness of this chocolate bar.



Winter Warmth For Adults

Have your guests stay warm this Winter the old fashioned way. These DIY Cranberry Infused Vodka Kits are unique and inexpensive way to keep the party going for your guests even after you close your doors.



Personalized Candles

And of course, what would winter be without candles. Give your guests a wedding favor you know they’ll use. These Personalized Candles are a perfect gift to send home with all your family and friends. Your guests will be thinking of you and your special day everytime they fire up one of these beautiful and quaint candles.



Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are the new wave right now. They have numerous health and body benefits and make baths and self-care even more relaxing. Send your guests off with these DIY Rosemary and Peppermint Sugar Scrubs. Help them get into the exciting Winter season Holiday spirit by treating themselves to some beneficial self care.



Evergreen Square Tag

Subtleties go a long way. This small, and intricate square tag can add just that extra personal touch on your wedding favors. Reminding your guests who that special wedding favor is from, The Evergreen Square Tag gives that hint of Fall/Winter feel and can almost have you smelling that sweet crisp evergreen aroma.



Snowflake Wine Bottle Stopper

This small, petite wedding favor can help your guests bring home the party after you and your partner have ended yours. This inexpensive but still luxurious looking Snowflake Wine Bottle Stopper adds a special drop of Wintery Wonderland for all your guests to bring home. You know your guests will use a gift like this especially if it’s paired with a parting gift of their own bottle of wine.



Thanks again, Forever Wedding Favors, for these great suggestions!

Christine Ong