Wedding Decoration Ideas Inspired by Art Movements

The great minds over at Invaluable recently wrote a guide to unique wedding theme ideas that aren’t just the common beach, garden, or whimsical look. They got creative and came up with ideas influenced and inspired by art movements that have emerged over the course of recent history. We are happy to share some of their great design-boards and tips with you below!




The Art Deco period exploded in the 1920s, so many of the exuberant elements of the Roaring Twenties and Gatsby-esque glamour appear. Add sparkling accents to your tabletops and attire, and use a black and white palette while incorporating green and white accents throughout all your decorations.



Art Nouveau

Use curving lines and linear shapes throughout your furniture. Look for venues that feature stained glass windows to highlight the appeal of this movement. Similarly, incorporate muted colors, like greens, grays, and yellows into the mix.





Channel the likes of Andy Warhol by using bright hues, especially those of primary colors like red, blue, and yellow. Add these colors to your flower arrangements, decorations, and even party favors to give your guests the allure of popular culture!




Pastel pinks and other light colors like blues and peaches are perfect for a Rococo-themed event. Play upon elegance and detail, using antique, French-style furniture and gold accents throughout.




van Gogh

Say your “I dos” under a “starry night” by channelling the magical components of Vincent van Gogh’s beautiful painting. Use shades of blue and yellow, and put out tea candles to capture the appeal of a dimly lit, romantic occasion.




For couple that like color, this is your art movement. Utilize patterns and unconventional colors in your flower arrangements, cake, and other decor to create a bright, jovial feel to your celebration.


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