Don't forget your Fruit & Veggies!

Looking for a unique centerpiece idea? Try adding some bright and healthy fruits and veggies into your decor! Rather than going with a traditional flower or candle centerpiece, surprise your guests with a new look that can easily be made to match the theme and color decor of your event!

Veggies are a great pick if your wedding colors involve more natural, earthy tones. Asparagus, artichokes, and fiddleheads are popular picks when it comes to healthy-looking green vegetables. For a more bright and festive look, many fruits offer a great variety of colors and tones to choose from. Apples, lemons, grapes, oranges, strawberries and cucumbers are only a small example of the fruits you can use in your unique centerpiece! Depending on the season during your wedding, different fruits or veggies are great at providing towards the theme of your event, such a mini pumpkins or squash during the fall.

If you don't wish to stray too far from the traditional wedding flower, yet still want to incorporate fruit or veggies, not to worry! A popular idea for centerpieces is to place your bouquet of flowers into a vase or bowl of fresh cut fruit such as cucumbers or lemons. Best of both worlds!

Not interested in one large centerpiece for each of your tables? Also not a problem! Fruits or veggies are great to drape on a table alongside some beautiful fresh greens, giving your table a clean and summery look. This presentation allows your table to look elegant and adorned, yet not too overdone.

Another popular look is to incorporate veggies into traditional wedding centerpieces such as candles! Vegetables such as asparagus are great for housing a small candle, giving your table a beautiful homemade and earthy look.