Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings and receptions are very popular, especially in Southern California. They always make for a great ambience and natural lighting makes for fabulous pictures. Although we have great weather here in San Diego, we can also have some high heats and cold nights. Here are a few tips for making sure your outdoor wedding is comfortable and fun for all of your guests:

1. Sunglasses Station:

Although your ceremony may only be 20 minutes long, it will seem a lot longer to your guests if they are squinting into the sun. An easy fix is to buy some cheap sunglasses and set up a "sunglass station" at the entrance to your ceremony. For an extra touch, add a sign or a picture of you and your fiancΓ© at the beach or the pool.

2. Make sure to keep them hydrated:

It may seem silly to have fancy containers filled with fruit-infused water, but trust us--your guests will LOVE it on a hot day! Make sure that your guests are hydrated so that they can fully enjoy your ceremony and reception. You can also put personalized labels onto water bottles and have them at each seat. Or for a fancier touch, see if your caterer will tray pass them before the ceremony.

3. Have a Sunscreen and Bug Spray Station:

Nothing is more uncomfortable than sunburns and bug bites. Beat these with spray station! A basket of a few sunscreens and bug repellants are a great fix and are a super quick thing guests can do to protect themselves before the ceremony!

4. Program Fans:

Standard programs have a tendency to get used as a fan anyways, so why not actually make fans that are your program as well!? This way, your guests can see the order of service, and have something to shield their eyes and fan their faces. These are also a super cheap thing for brides to DIY. Just pick up paint sticks at your local home improvement store and glue them between your two program pages printed on card stock! Voila!

5. Make sure everyone can hear! 

With outdoor ceremonies, it is especially important to have a good sound system, due to the fact that there will be a breeze, vehicles, planes, and other things making sounds around you. Make sure you have good microphones and speakers for your ceremony!

6. In case of a chilly night, have blankets nearby:

Although your ceremony may be during a hot day, sometimes it gets chilly when the sun goes down. Having a couple of blankets on hand is a great addition to an outdoor reception, especially for those relatives who aren't out on the dance floor but want to stay and watch.

7. Provide cold desserts of some kind:

Cake is a great tradition, but on a hot evening, your guests will love something ice cold! Ice cream trucks, popsicles, or shaved ice are all great for beating the heat and are a fun little snack to eat while taking a break from dancing.

8. Lawn Games

One of the fun things about outdoor weddings is you can incorporate things you wouldn't normally do in a hotel ballroom or a tent. Lawn games are a ton of fun for your guests and gives them something extra to do during cocktail hour! Croquet, Bocce Ball, Corn Hole, and Horseshoes are all great options for lawn games. Here at Lavish Wed, we have our own "Mr. and Mrs." corn hole game! It is a HUGE hit and is available to rent for all weddings!

9. Provide Umbrellas/Parasols for your guest

A great option to provide your guest in the sometimes-blazing heat of the spring and summer months. the guest will appreciate it and it's a great favor for the ladies!