Place Cards and Seating Charts: Do I Really Need Them?

After your "I Do's," you send your guests off to the reception area while you finish up your pictures. After getting a cocktail and some hors d'oeuvres, the next stop is the seating chart or place card table.  We always recommend that our couples use a seating chart for their reception, simply because it eliminates confusion with finding seats for different families. Although open seating sounds nice in theory, our experiences have shown it to be an extra form of chaos that can be avoided by the use of a seating chart. It also ensures that your closest friends and family can be guaranteed the tables closest to your sweetheart table.

The most formal way to assign seats is with place cards. These are also helpful with dinner service because you can mark what entree has been chosen on the back or front of each card in order for the servers to know what each guest are having.

Place cards are a fun way to incorporate your wedding theme or colors as well! It's a great addition to your table setting.

If you don't want to make escort cards, you can opt for a seating chart. This is just list of each table number with the guests seated at each table. We can create a custom seating chart for you on a mirror, chalkboard, acrylic or on wood. Please contact us for pricing :)

So, if you are asking yourself "do I really need a seating chart or place cards?," our answer is YES! Both methods are a great way to eliminate chaos at your reception and ensure that everyone gets a seat with their group!

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