The Grand Exit

A grand entrance is a must-have at your reception...but what about the grand exit? Wedding send offs are a great way to close out the night with a 'bang!' Here are some of our favorite ways to send off the bride and groom into their happily ever after and to get some great photos while doing so:

Petal Toss

From our experience, this is best to do on a hard surface so that it is easy to sweep up! If it is done on grass, it is very difficult to clean up every last petal without hand picking each and every one.


There is something that is so happy and playful about bubbles. These are great for an outdoor exit and there is no clean up afterwards!

Seed Toss 

This is a great exit to do if the bride and groom are going to be exiting on a lawn or dirt! The seeds don't have to be picked up after the exit because they feed the real birds after the "lovebirds" have exited!

Confetti Toss Another one to make sure you only do on a surface that is easily sweepable, but a confetti toss sounds like an absolute blast if you ask us. You can even set up a "Confetti Bar" in the reception so that guests can make their own mix of sparkles to use at the grand exit!

Sparkler Send Off

Sparklers are the most common send off, but are also banned from a lot of locations due to the fact that it is an open flame. If you have a venue that allows sparklers, it makes for AMAZING pictures and an amazing memory of running through a tunnel of fireworks!


We love the idea of getting the whole group together for a balloon release in the colors of your wedding! So cheerful and fun!

Ribbons & Bells

This is an adorable, whimsical send off. The ribbons can be the same colors as your wedding and the little bells make for a precious sound as your guests wave them while you run through the tunnel. Best part of this idea? No mess whatsoever!

Glow Sticks


These are great because they give fun color and light with no mess or liability! The kids (and kids at heart) at your wedding will LOVE them.

Decorated Getaway Car

Have everyone file outside to watch you drive into the distance together...and even better: have a old fashioned car driven by someone other than the groom for a chauffered trip to your hotel!

Lantern Release

These biodegradable lanterns, often called 'Wish Lanterns', are beautiful for photos but also an ethereal moment for you and your guests to be a part of. Guests can write on the lanterns or just think of positive thoughts and wishes for the bride and grooms' future as they release them into the sky.