Preserving Your Bridal Bouquet

Did you know that after your wedding day, you can save your bridal bouquet? Most of you are probably thinking we are crazy, because like us, you have received flowers for Valentine's Day, only to have them wilted and crispy by February 16th. But trust us! There are a few great ways to preserve your wedding day flowers and have a memorable keepsake forever!

Freeze Dry

One of the most common ways to preserve a bouquet is to freeze dry it. This method will keep your flowers in the same condition and shape as they were on your wedding day and is performed by putting them into a machine that dehydrates them. Unfortunately, this method cannot be done at home (unless of course you happen to own the large, expensive machine).

If you aren't going to be able to get your bouquet to the preservationist immediately, place your bouquet in water and inside of the fridge, or a cool dark room until you are able to take it to be preserved.

Silica Gel

This method is almost identical to freeze drying (flowers will keep their shape) except it involves the use of silica gel and can be done from home! The silica gel is a pellet like sand and can be found at most craft stores.

Both silica gel and freeze drying allow the bouquet to maintain its' original shape and is a gorgeous memory of your wedding day. We love this one that was incorporated as wall art in the home!

Press and Frame

This method presses your flowers completely flat and arranges them in the shape of a bouquet or around your invitations, pictures, etc. They almost look painted on and are a beautiful way to save your bouquet for little to no money! You can do it yourself by pressing a couple blooms between two books for a couple of weeks, or to be safe, you can find a professional who will press them and arrange them into a frame for you.

Christmas Ornament

This method of bouquet saving does not keep your petals in perfect condition...but it is great if you can do if you've waited too long to get your bouquet preserved or if you don't want to go through the process of freeze drying or pressing! This just saves a couple pieces of your bouquet and it is a fun ornament with a story that you can put on your Christmas tree year after year! You can even throw in the cork from your toasting champagne at your wedding, your hair pins, or a piece of your program. It is an easy craft that requires no precision or artistic ability...just toss in whatever petals and memorabilia you would like!

Your bouquet is one of the most photographed items on your wedding day besides your dress, rings, and you and your husband! There is no reason to let it go to waste after the 'I do's!'

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