Bon Voyage! Why a Destination Wedding Might Be For You

  We all know San Diego is the most beautiful city in the world, but when you live here everyday, having a San Diego wedding may not seem like the most unique and exciting idea. We get it. Sometimes you just want to get away.

You’re not alone. Destination Weddings are becoming a huge trend in the wedding world, and for good reason. Since the girls at Lavish Wed recently added Destination Weddings to our service list, we thought we would give you our top reasons why jet-setting a wedding might be for you!

The De-stress Factor:

A Destination Wedding can really take some of that pre-wedding-day-stress off your shoulders. Think about it, you’re essentially on vacation in a beautiful location of your choice. Only your vacation has a really romantic purpose and is totally about you.

Plus, most popular wedding destinations have resorts that offer full-service wedding packages, which basically ensure that you and your guests don’t have to worry about anything from arrival to honeymoon.

To Bridge the Gap: 

Let’s say you’re from California, but your fiancé is from New York, Argentina, Australia, etc. A Destination Wedding can be a great option for you two, because it will relieve the task of deciding whose hometown will host the wedding. In addition, it will allow you, your fiancé, and both of your families to interact without the host-guest mentality, which will really give you all a chance to come together.

For a More Intimate Event:

Destination Weddings can also be great if you’re feeling guilty about narrowing down your guest list. Current wedding etiquette states that a couple is not required to pay for the travel and board of their guests, so you can shrink your list down to the guests you know would be happily willing to travel to see you get married.

We’re not saying that we haven’t heard of a 500 guest Destination Wedding—if that’s your thing, go for it! We’re just saying that we’re pretty sure the dormmate that you haven’t talked to in 8 years probably won’t have hurt feelings if they aren’t invited to your wedding in New Zealand.

More Scenery, Less Décor:

When you pick a beautiful location, you don’t need to worry as much about your decorations. Having a few flower arrangements here and there won’t hurt, but if you’re getting married against the backdrop of a tropical, aquamarine ocean, we doubt your guests are going to be concentrating on the decorations.

The Bliss Factor:

A lot of couples choose to have their Destination Wedding and Honeymoon in the same place.  Two words: Honeymoon Mentality.


If you are starting to feel like a Destination Wedding is your thing, here is a list of some of the top locations worldwide. Bon Voyage!


Tropical Destination Wedding Locations:

  •       Maui, HI

  •       Miami, FL

  •       Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

  •       Riviera Maya, Mexico

  •       Virgin Islands, Caribbean

  •       Puerto Rico, Caribbean

  •       The Bahamas, Caribbean

  •       Antigua, Caribbean

  •       Jamaica, Caribbean

  •       Dominican Republic, Caribbean

  •       Anguilla, Caribbean

  •       Guanacaste Provence, Costa Rica

Romantic/ Classic Destination Wedding Locations:

  •       Napa Valley, CA

  •       New York City

  •       Santa Barbara, CA

  •       Nantucket, MA

  •       Bar Harbor, ME

  •       San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

  •       Rome, Italy

  •       Loire Valley, France

Scenic Destination Wedding Locations: 

  •       Sedona, AZ

  •       Jackson Hole, WY

  •       Lake Placid, NY

  •       Aspen, CO

  •       Park City, UT

  •       Door County, WI

  •       Zihuatanejo, Mexico

  •       Tuscany, Italy

  •       Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Christine Ong