Top 10 Tent Styles

When you think of tents, you think of back up for a rainy day celebration. Tents have become a trending choice other than the more obvious reasons here in sunny San Diego! They are a stress free option always and give you the ambiance of the outdoors while still being indoors. There are so many different styles that truly give you a blank canvas for your special day! We have provided the top 10 tent styles just for you!

Frame Tent- The most common tent used for events and celebrations is the frame tent. This type of tent is a metal frame that is freestanding and can be set up on most solid surfaces, which makes it the most versatile. Also a perfect choice if hanging decor, lights, and draping is in your cards

Pole Tent- Pole tents are also a popular choice among the tent world! Although less versatile than the frame tent, this style is more elegant looking with its peaks and dips creating lots of dimension.

Marquee/ Open Draping Tent- Literally the best of both worlds!! The marquee tent can best be described as a combination of the frame and pole tent. You get the convenience of the freestanding metal, but also has the classy look of the peaks.

Clear Tent- The clear tent can best be described as a frame tent with a clear vinyl ceiling. This is an awesome option for anyone who would love nature as their decor and to look at the beautiful night sky as you dance the night away! This is a lovely option for the daytime events as well.

Sailcloth Tent- This is a style that is trending and definitely making way in the events industry. Using Sailcloth and wooden poles to construct this tent is well worth the ambiance it creates! The Sailcloth tent is an elegant option for outdoors and provides a translucent glow for evening celebrations.

Beach style Tent- The beach style tent consists of a wooden frame and generally has lighter fabric to create a light and open atmosphere. Perfect for a beachside wedding!

Moroccan Tent- Typically for a moroccan tent they use a marquee or pole style tent. Unlike most tents, the moroccan style uses fabric and trim instead of vinyl. Additional draping, lighting and decor help customize this look for your special day!

Teepee Tent- The teepee provides a unique and different look for your unique and special day. This styles gives a warm and cozy feel for you and your guests attending!

Yurt- The yurt is a smaller more portable tent that is great for intimate settings! This style is currently a growing hit and trending in England. They use lattice walls, wood ribbed roofs and a crown covered in fabric to put this petite tent together. A yurt is a suitable size for smaller weddings wanting a cozier vibe.

Circus Tent- Ever dream of being the lead act in the circus? Well now you can! A pole tent is actually used for this style and is covered in red and white fabric. These types of tents are large and extremely hard to come by…talk about unique!