Wedding Invitation Dreams 2018

Pink & Pastel Wedding Invitation Dreams

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If you are heading down the aisle in 2018 or even next year, now is the time to take advantage of your little bit of winter downtime and start planning! While you’re at it - get in the springtime spirit! Think back to warmer weather and your favorite spring hues or seasonal trends and use that as inspiration for your personalized wedding invitation.

Easter colors especially, bring a lot of color inspiration with everything from pastels to neon’s in pink, green, purple, and yellow. There isn’t a color that spring doesn’t bring. Use that to get you through your pre-wedding season planning and off to a solid head start!

Here are some of Basic Invite’s favorite classic takes on spring inspiration and some fun fresh ideas for your personalized wedding invitation sets!


Pink & Pastel Dreams

Watercolor Script Wedding Invitation

Watercolor 1_preview.jpeg


There’s no better time than now to make all of your pastel dreams come true. Pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue all make the best watercolor washes. We have so many cute designs that were made for this trend!


Classic Creamy Whites

The Simplicity Wedding Invitation



Think totally bridal! White, ivory, and cream only! Customize a sophisticated and stunning marriage suite using pure simplicity. This will look extra gorgeous on our signature matte or luxe velvet paper types. Swap out the black font to something a bit more delicate to achieve this look.


Mix It Up with Bright Neon

Rustic Type Wedding Invitation


For a more eclectic take on spring follow the inspiration of sunsets, Easter bunnies, and candy. Choose a bright color scheme or even mix and match for an extra bright look.


When doing this right, you can make a simple look seriously pop! Bright orange, teal blues, and yellow make nice contrasts. Choose an ultra thin font paired with a white background for a tasteful and bright invite.


Pick A Color

Colorful 7_preview.jpeg

Some shades of pink and purple can become over barring when overdone - so, if you do want to utilize the color pop be sure to stick to one color and pair it with a matching envelope to complete the look.

Use the seasons to your advantage when planning your wedding – knowing the trends, popular colors, and styles including in-season botanicals will help your budget and your ultimate wedding bliss!


Basic Invite just released their wedding website builder templates to make your wedding planning simple and easy – for you and your guests! These are completely customizable in some of our classic designs so you can even match your website to your suite! How cute?!

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Christine Ong