How to Sleep Even With Pre-Wedding Jitters

Your wedding is coming up fast and amongst the anticipation and excitement, it can be hard to get a good night's rest. But you’re going to need sleep to look and feel your best. A strategic bedtime routine can help you sleep the night before your wedding so you'll be ready for the whirlwind of activity. Continue reading below to see all of the great suggestions that Sarah Johnson from shared with us to help you get a good night’s sleep before your big day.

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Planning the Ultimate Pre-Wedding Bedtime Routine

To truly be at the top of your game on your wedding day, you need to plan now. We suggest creating the ultimate bedtime routine to de-stress and pamper yourself in bridal fashion.


Exercise: Technically speaking, exercise isn't part of your bedtime routine but should definitely happen the day before your wedding for a couple of reasons. First, it gives you an outlet for the tension and stress you’ll undoubtedly be feeling. Second, it fills your body with the natural high of endorphins. Third, it tires your muscles, which can help you sleep at night.


Create a Sleep Retreat: Your bedroom has to be more than a place to sleep. The night before your wedding it should be your personal retreat. Try to have everything you need ready to go, whether that’s a sleep mask or a medical device. Preparation will make sure you’re not frustrated when you can’t find your pj’s come bedtime.


Aroma Therapy: Scents can have a powerful effect on your body. In fact, a 2010 study found that jasmine is an effective sleep aid and mood enhancer, rivaling the prescription drug Valium. The research suggests that scents can enhance nerve cells involved in the stimulation of the sleep cycle.

We suggest lavender, chamomile, or bergamot to help calm your mind and relax your body, though there are many other oils that aid sleep too. You may want to start using your favorite oil a few weeks in advance. Scents can be associated with certain behaviors, like sleep, and act as a natural trigger for the release of sleep hormones.


Music: This isn’t the time for your favorite dance mix. Choose music that slows your heart rate and soothes your mind. Classical, jazz, or a favorite mix of slow, low key tunes will create the right atmosphere.


Meditation and/or Yoga: Once you've created your atmosphere of relaxation, it's time to start active methods of stress relief. Meditation and yoga are two of our favorites. Mindfulness meditation trains the brain to focus on the present, leaving stressful thoughts of the past or future (hello, wedding day) behind. A well-practiced meditator can reduce their heart rate and blood pressure in a matter of minutes.

Your jitters may make it hard to sit still. If that's the case, yoga might be a better option. It's active, but quiet enough that it can calm your mind and body. Yoga is also been shown to reduce stress-related inflammation, which can only help you sleep better.


Pamper Yourself: Whether it’s a long, luxurious bath or painting your nails, a little pampering can go a long way to soothe your soul.  

You don't need to spend a lot of time planning your pre-wedding bedtime routine. But you should definitely give it some thought and have it ready to go in advance. That way when the big day finally arrives, your plan will execute beautifully and you'll be prepared for a solid night's rest.

Thank you again to Sarah Johnson from for the great article, we love all of your tips!