Statement Wedding Flower Ideas That Will Amaze Guests

Whether brides are choosing to go bold and bright or more natural and whimsical, the use of statement wedding floral pieces has become a consistent (and amazing) trend.  If you’re not sure what a statement floral piece is, no worries!

In order to help you on your creative wedding florals journey, we’ve compiled a list below of some of our favorite wedding flower ideas and 7 ways to incorporate statement floral pieces into your wedding.  Good luck!

Wedding Florals Tip: flowers can be pretty expensive, so if you choose to do over-the-top floral pieces throughout your wedding, we suggest going easy on flowers in other places. Pick two or three “wow” pieces and keep your other floral pieces simple. Another tip, for the more extravagant pieces, try using paper flowers!

1. Flower Headbands and Headpieces

They aren’t just for Coachella anymore! Flower headpieces are one of the more popular trends of the past few years because they add a touch of bohemian beauty to any wedding style. For a bold and glam look, we suggest using big flowers and bright colors. For a softer, romantic look, go with small, lighter buds and a more vine-like headband.

2. Cascading Bouquets

Cascading wedding bouquets are absolutely stunning and they are a great way to make your bouquet stand apart from your bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Cascading bouquet for the bride | Photo Credit:

3. Using Petals and/or Flowers As An Aisle Runner

Flower girls are really cute, but brides are opting for a pre-petaled aisle to walk down instead. Yeah, you’re missing out on having some adorable babies announce your entrance, but the plus is that your florist can pre-arrange some really spectacular designs for you to walk through

4. Floral Ceremony Arches

What’s more beautiful than getting married under an arch of beautiful lush blossoms? Nothing.

5. Flower Arrangements on Chair Backs

If you’re interested in using floral décor on the back of chairs, we suggest keeping these minimal. For ceremony, focus on the chairs closest to the aisle. These chairs get the most attention, since everyone will be looking toward them when you walk down the aisle. To save money on reception, we suggest keeping the floral decoration to the back of the bride and groom’s chairs. It’s really lovely to have them on the back of everyone’s chair, but flowers are really expensive and guests are not always gentle.

6. Flower Walls and Backdrops

For the more extravagant bride, flower walls/backdrops can be featured anywhere from behind the ceremony arch to behind the guest seating chart. These are amaze and are a surefire way to take your guests’ breath away.

7. Hanging Flower Installations

We have seen gorgeous flower arrangements hanging above ceremony seating, over the dance floor, over the guestbook, over reception tables—just about everywhere and anywhere. These can be extravagant or simple, but either way, they add an attractive touch of romance and style.

Christine Ong