Restroom Basket for your guest

One of your wedding guests drops a piece of cake on the new dress she bought for your special day! What will she do! Luckily she can utilize one of the Tide To-Go pens you provided in your His and Hers restroom baskets! These restroom baskets are a fun and helpful way to provide your guests with solutions to any mini emergency. Common products found in these baskets are Advil, Tums, bobbypins, cough drops, etc. Providing a basket in both the men's and women's restrooms is an affordable way to make your guests' night even better and show your gratitude for them coming out to celebrate your happy day. Here are some examples of products you can include in your own restroom basket!


Advil, hair ties, bobbypins, Tums, perfume, deodorant, baby powder, lotion, tissues, Tide To Go stick, gum, mints, hairspray, razors, combs, tampons, pads, lint roller, dryer sheet (to remove deodorant stains!), mouthwash, safety pins, cough drops, toothpicks, tweezers, eye drops, nylons, lip sticks, sunscreen, emery boards, band aids



Advil, Tums, deodorant, cologne, razors, combs, cough drops, mouthwash, gum, mints, Tide To Go stick, tissues, eye drops, floss, lint roller, hair gel, lotion, sunscreen, band aids, wet naps