Get Insured

If you’re getting married, chances are you’ve been stressed out at some point (or maybe every point) that something is going to go wrong at your wedding. Pre-wedding stress is normal, but have you ever really thought about what you’d do if something huge actually did go wrong?

We have. And so have a lot of other wedding professionals. That’s why,  we’re going to tell you about Wedding Insurance, and why you might consider getting it to help you out in case something goes wrong.

Wedding insurance is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: insurance that protects you from unforeseen or uncontrollable forces or events that interfere with, inhibit, or hinder your wedding in anyway by reimbursing you for money you’ve spent and allowing you to make needed adjustments.

Our favorite event insurance companies are:

Wed Safe:
The Event Helper:

There are many other companies that offer insurance out there so we suggest doing some research into the company that seems best for you. Like most insurance, not all plans are created equal, so make sure you discuss with an agent exactly what you need AND make sure that the details you want covered by your plan are covered by insurance in the first place. We hope that you won’t have to use your insurance plan, but of course, better safe than sorry.

For a more in depth description of wedding insurance, and why it might be for you, see The Knot’s blog post “Wedding Planning: Wedding Insurance 101”

Christine Ong